Caden Storm is just too hot!

I meant to haveĀ Mastered by His Touch 2 done by Monday, but Caden Storm is just too damned hot!

I keep having to take breaks because the scene I’m writing where he and Kiri… well, I don’t want to give too much away but I think you know what they eventually do **wink wink**… meet up is just so steamy that I have to go take long walks just to calm myself down :)

I’m shooting for Thursday April 3, but no promises yet.

One further “inside baseball” thought for today…

Writing Caden Storm is much different than writing Tristan Slade. Like Tristan, Caden has a dark past that will eventually come out. But unlike Tristan, he has none of the disturbing sexual baggage. He’s fun and flirty and truly enjoys women, which Tristan struggled with.

I’ve noticed that I’ve inadvertently given Kiri some of Meghan’s characteristics too. But then a friend pointed out to me that those are actually my characteristics. I guess that I just can’t help infusing a part of me into the girl in each of my stories. Personally, I think that’s true for the vast majority of authors. We all write based on who we are. When I read series books, I always notice similarities in main characters to previous works by the same author.

So what that means is that probably every first-person female protagonist I write is going to swear like a truck driver, constantly argue with herself, and like it up the ass :D

Enough for today. Back to the keyboard…

Luv ya,


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