Decision made

Decision made.

We’re going 4-parts for Mastered by His Touch.

Shooting for Friday April 18 for Part 3 but no promises. Maybe sooner, maybe later.

One segment of the big mystery is cleared up in Part 3, namely the story of what happened after Caden rescued Kiri from the sinking boat and how she got to Queens.

I wrote a chapter entirely from the point of view of Mrs. Decoud, an 84-year old woman who helped Kiri when she was a little girl. It was a little unnerving putting myself in her head. I just let the character talk and her personality came out. Funny thing, I didn’t know she had such a colorful life until she began chattering away on my computer screen.

In Part 4 near the end, I’m going to let Caden himself tell the story of what happened before the rescue from the sinking boat. But that will be the final piece revealed after some fun solving the mystery of the bank robbery, the locket, the book, Agent Henderson, the man in the Panama hat, and the gorgeous Latina.

Not to mention another kind of fun including a sheet made into a rope, some alpha-male domination, and a delightful insertion. :D

That’s all I’m saying for now. Use your imagination. Lol.

Luv ya,


3 thoughts on “Decision made

  1. Thanks, Sarah! The final part is one quarter done. Caden takes over the narration right at the start and we learn his entire story, going way back before the incident on the boat. As he tells it, all the pieces fall into place. I think you’re going to like it. I know I’m having fun writing it!

  2. Ugh!!!!! I cant wait! You have done an amazing job so far I have no doubts that you will more than deliver a killer finale!!

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