Looks like May 9 for Mastered by His Touch 4

I had been shooting for this Friday May 2 to release Mastered by His Touch 4, but I want to take another week for editing and making sure all the parts fit exactly together.

Remember the worst ending to a TV series ever? That would be Lost, where 90% of everything that happened for seven years wasn’t explained… leaving avid fans (I was one of them right up until those final episodes) with a stupid sappy “everybody-died-and-is-happy-in-heaven” ending that betrayed the entire nature of the series established in the first season.

Well, that’s kind of what it’s like writing Mastered by His Touch 4. I want to make sure that every sentence from Parts 1, 2, and 3 have a clear explanation in Part 4. No unanswered questions. I, unlike the writers of Lost, respect the intelligence of my readers. (Not to mention I want to write THE hottest sex scene I’ve written yet!)

So, hang in there please. May 9 all your questions will be answered.

I can tell you this much:

Right from chapter one, Caden Storm interrupts Kiri to take over the narration. We go way back in time and learn how he became who he is, starting one fateful day when he was eight years old. What happened that day eventually leads to the incident at sea ten years later when he saves Kiri’s life from the sinking boat.

Along the way, we visit the moments that defined him as a man of his word who keeps his promises. Once you understand the forces and events that drive him, you will understand his mysterious actions.

A personal note: I really love Kiri and Caden. I feel a closeness with them, like they’re channelling me to tell their story. Which is another reason I can’t rush this. I owe it to them to get every word right.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. We’re almost there!

Luv ya,


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