Coming Soon: The Trent Sessions

Trent Axel is front man for the band Eon Sphinc. He also trains girls in the Deviant Arts of Pleasure.

Annika is a sexually frustrated reporter for Miami Improper, a struggling web magazine. When her boss gives her the assignment to interview Trent Axel, she is plunged into an education guaranteed to blow her mind… as well as other parts. :)

That’s my intro for The Trent Sessions, the new series I’m working on. Although I’m not 100% sold on that title yet. Cover reveal soon.

This one is going to me more like Controlled by His Voice. More sex. More deviance. Some dominance and submission. Dildos. Butt plugs. Tattoos. Piercings. Hard rock music. Orgies. Large insertions. Public exhibitionism. A little girl-on-girl on the side. A little transgender on the side.


So far, I’m having fun writing it. This is a low-stress, high-FUN project. I gotta admit Mastered by His Touch was a big complicated undertaking. Fried my brain to hold that plot together with all those pieces. I’m proud of it, but now it’s time to laze back and have some fun. No flashbacks. No mystery to be solved. Just some summer hotness coming your way soon.

I’m bringing back a minor character from Controlled by His Voice. Not going to say who it is yet. Care to guess? :D

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