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Getting there

But getting there is tough.

I had planned on having Immoral: The Cage Sessions Book 4 ready by this week, but a series of incidents have delayed things.

I’m still finishing up Tattered Angel, my story for the Seven Dirty Sins bundle.

I’m going to be frightfully honest with you. I get too wrapped up in my characters’ lives. Tattered Angel is a very emotional story. More emotional than I had even planned it to be. I become Damien Cage when I write it.

So much so that I get into a funk and can’t snap out of it. Then I need a  day or two to regroup and get back into writing.

I’m almost done with it, but it’s put me way behind with The Cage Sessions. For that, I apologize.

The only thing I can assure you is that you’re going to get a lot of Damien Cage in August. My plan now is August 1 for Immoral: The Cage Sessions Book 4. Then August 13 for the prequel Tattered Angel in the Seven Dirty Sins bundle. Then August 20 for the fifth (and likely final) book of The Cage Sessions. (Although I’m planning for the people to live on in future series. Eventually I want a world where everyone is somehow linked together… Annika and Damien, Jasmine, Isabella, Caden and Kiri, Tristan and Meghan, Dan, Nikki, Marisol and Devlin.)

I don’t know if I’m a good writer or not. I don’t really care if I don’t get every word right or use proper grammar. In terms of writing, all I care about is creating real characters that readers like you can love. Who leap off the page with real struggles, emotions, ups and downs. I’ve grown to love Damien, Annika, Isabella, Jasmine, and M********a (who you haven’t met yet.) Right now, I feel like I never want to stop writing about them because they mean so much to me. All I ever try to do is do right by them.

And doing right by them means taking the time to tell the story right. If there’s one thing you can always be assured you’re getting from me, it’s a story from my heart with people who (I hope) are as real to you as they are to me.

So please stay patient. The forecast for August in Miami is lots of hot steamy nights, a couple of vicious thunderstorms with lots of lightning, and days of sunny passion.

As always, thank you.

Luv ya,


Update on Seven Dirty Sins and Immoral

Just wanted to let you know that I’m hard at work on my story for Seven Deadly Sins, the bundle of hot stories that releases on August 13. Yes that one! The one with my good friend Morgan Black, Clarissa Wild, LP Dover, Ella James, Roxie Elms, and Melissa Andrea.

My story is a “prequel” to The Cage Sessions.

It’s a first-person story told from Damien himself, all about what happened with the mystery girl that makes him sing Nickelback’s Far Away so passionately.

And am I ever having a BLAST writing it!

Damien is not yet the Damien we know. He’s a bit more full of himself,  not yet at the point where he wants to help others. He’s still all about Damien. Which makes him a little myopic when it comes to M********a, the girl who rocks his world like a punch to his face.

It’s fun to step back four years. Jasmine isn’t even Jasmine yet. She’s Jason Everton. Which has been fun to write. We also get to meet icy cold Anna Price, Damien’s old manager who he fired… and Trent Axel, Eon Sphinx’s lead guitarist who is so messed up on drugs he’s not sure what planet he’s on.

I know some of you are a little disappointed that nothing emotionally powerful has happened yet between Damien and Annika. But realize there is a good reason for that. Annika has been severely blocked up for years, with a strong sexuality that needs to get out.

Damien realizes this and is encouraging her to do things wayyyyyyy outside the norm… such as Isabella & Jasmine. I know it seems like Annika is hooking up with anybody and everybody but Damien. And I know it seems like she’s a lesbian because all she’s hooked up with so far is girls.

But she’s passing through a “rite” of sorts that she needs to get through before she can live in Damien’s world.

Add to that the fact that Damien needs time to really let go of what happened four years ago, allowing Annika in. Whenever she is around, he shuts down his emotions because he knows he is so vulnerable to intelligence and sexiness all in one package.

Maybe I haven’t made that clear in their exchanges, but Annika is very smart. (Yeah, now that I look back, I really see that I should have emphasized Annika’s intelligence more. Bad author… bad author!) But it will come out, especially when she’s given a “scoop” to research and gets to put all her brain skills on display.

Damien needs a woman who is on his level… who swears like a truck driver, is a deviant firebrand in bed, and who can quote Ralph Waldo Emerson right along with him. He knows Annika is this girl, but he hasn’t let go of M********a yet.

Here are some teases for Immoral: The Cage Sessions Book 4:

  • Damien takes Annika to his private home in South America. He’s only shown it to one other person. Not even Jasmine knows about it.
  • A mysterious phone call sets Annika on a mission to investigate a strange unsolved murder from four years ago.
  • Annika gets her own apartment.
  • Damien shares the basic details of what happened four years ago with M********a.

I love writing! This is so fun.

OK, later…

Luv ya,


P.S. I’m shooting for July 22 for Immoral, fingers crossed. Easy tiger, I’m writing two stories at once here! Lol. :)