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Seven Dirty Sins Now Available for Pre-Order

Seven Dirty Sins, the hot new contemporary romance boxed set is now available for pre-order!

3d boxed set final



Seven top selling authors come together to bring you seven original panty-dropping tales to meet all your late night needs. So take a look… you might just find your own guilty pleasure inside these pages.

Everybody sins. What’s your dirty little secret?

Skylar Cross- Tattered Angel (Wrath)
For rock star Damien Cage, girls are like candy. Unwrap, eat, and toss. Until one comes crashing into his world with fire, passion, music… and a dark past that threatens to destroy him.

Morgan Black- Misconception (Envy)
Lena’s a runaway. It’s what she does best. Run away from her problems. But she can’t run away from the Finnegan brothers, not anymore.
Sometimes secrets catch up with you.

Tara Brown- The End of You (Greed)
The seven deadly sins are known for the evil they toy with inside of each of us.
The seven dirty sins taunt us to dance with the darker side of our souls.
Don’t miss this The End of You, the darker side to the Single Lady Spy Series.

Clarissa Wild- Filthy (Pride)
Faking his way through life is all Jaret Paxon knows, but reality in the form of an ex-girlfriend bumps into him, and now he’s forced to face his own sin. When shame becomes pride, he’ll fight to claim what always belonged to him.

Melissa Andrea- Lust
One Bottle. One Dare. One Night. It was reckless. It was thoughtless. But giving in was all it took to drown in complete and raw lust.

Ella James- Sloth
She’s a small-time college drug dealer. He’s the area kingpin. What do you think happens?

Roxie Elms- Volatile (Gluttony)
Hannah’s life as a pole dancer at the local strip club is as routine as it gets. When two mysterious brothers from her dark past find her again, her world is jolted out of place.

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COVER REVEAL: Tattered Angel


This is the cover for my book TATTERED ANGEL, which is part of the SEVEN DIRTY SINS anthology releasing on September 2!


*MATURE CONTENT: 18+ only*

Damien Cage gets whatever girl he wants. As frontman for Platinum-selling band Eon Sphinx, they throw themselves at him night after night. Concert after concert.

But Damien is tired of groupies. He yearns for a woman of substance who is on his level.

While escaping screaming fans at an airport, Damien meets the one girl who rocks his world into a downward spiral of passion, turmoil, and wrath.

Marcellina Montero has it all. Brains. Drive. And an ass that drives Damien wild. A former adult film star who’s recovered from porn and heroin addiction, she now wants to be a serious actor. She even convinces Damien to fund the movie she’s written.

Nights of throbbing delight. Days of sunny bliss. Sex for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Life is good.

Too good.

Because when Marcellina’s troubled past comes barreling back, even rock star Damien Cage may not be enough to save her.

Release Day Party for Seven Dirty Sins September 2

Even good girls do bad things.

Seven Dirty Sins

an Erotic Romance Bundle

Everybody has a dirty little secret, everybody sins.

What’s yours?

Sinful pleasures find their way into your bedroom through seven bestselling authors

including USA Today bestsellers, Melissa Andrea, Clarissa Wild and Ella James in this sizzling anthology.

Whatever your sin may be you’ll find incredible love and lust between the pages of Seven Dirty Sins meeting all of your dirty needs.

After reading Seven Dirty Sins you’re going to have to go to church ladies.

Seven Novellas by Seven Sinful Authors.

Pandora’s box will be opened and Seven Dirty Sins will release:

September 2nd, 2014

Preorders now available at most online retail locations,

special .99 pricing only available until September 3rd!

Join The Authors September 2nd for a Facebook Party!

The Authors will also be participating in multiple Takeovers throughout Release Week. Visit the Event Page for more details!

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Now for a special look at my story



Immoral: The Cage Sessions Book 4 is now available!

Immoral: The Cage Sessions Book 4 is released!


Summer T-storms are rolling through Miami…

Annika is enjoying a level of sexual freedom she never imagined, reaching new heights of deviant ecstasy with Jasmine and Isabella.

Despite all this steamy fun, Annika’s heart is with Damien, who is still torn to pieces over a dark secret in his past… a secret that prevents him from truly being with her.

Then Annika receives a mysterious phone call implicating Damien in a crime. She investigates, uncovering clues that suggest he is not the man he claims to be.

But when Damien allows Annika to peek inside his world and shares the traumatic events of four years ago, she is swept away. On a trip to his place in South America, the truth is revealed… about not only what happened but who Damien really is inside his soul.

WARNING: This book is intended for adult readers. Do not purchase if you are under 18 years of age.

Approximate length: 20,000 words (a novella)

This is the fourth title in a series. There IS a cliffhanger ending.

Now available from these retailers:


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