Just finished the rough draft of the end of The Cage Sessions


I need a Kleenex delivery service. Seriously. I can’t stop crying.

I just finished the rough draft of the climactic scene of Freed: The Cage Sessions Book 5.

It’s a literary mess at the moment… but the raw emotion is what I needed to get down, which I think I’ve done.

The way I look at writing is that if it’s not about the raw emotion, then there’s no point. So I start there.

Like all the best scenes in this series, it just came to me… like Damien, Annika, and Marcellina were telling ME how to end this story.

I’m spent. Punctured. Emptied. My heart is in a giant mass of sun-and-sand splattered particles in the breakdown lane of a highway outside Phoenix. Blue sun. Dry shards of heat. Blazing concrete. (You’ll know what I mean when you read it. You’ll say, “Ah, so that’s what Skylar was talking about that day. Yeah, I get it.”)

The song that has inspired so much of Damien’s struggle, pain and triumph is this one that I keep listening to while I write:


Okay, now time to edit and refine. Got to tell their story right. Be in touch.

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