Freed: The Cage Sessions Book 5 Now Available!

cage_freed (1)The conclusion of the five-book series The Cage Sessions

Thunderclaps and lightning bolts slam through Miami…

Damien Cage is in BIG trouble. Arrested and in jail for a crime he didn’t commit… all because of Annika’s actions.

Annika finds herself frozen out of Damien’s world. Even Jasmine won’t talk to her. The only solace she finds is an odd spiritual connection with comatose porn star Marcellina Montero, Damien’s former love now withering away in a hospital bed.

Soon, events change with a fury. Annika is thrust into an epic confrontation between her fears of the present and the ghosts of the past.

The aftermath shows her that the bond between Damien and Marcellina may never be broken, forcing her to make a tough decision… one that could be the end of Damien Cage for her.

Mature content. 18+ only.

Approximate length: 20,000 words (a novella)

Now available from these retailers:


Google Play


Barnes and Noble (coming soon)





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