Announcement: The Stark Affair

Just want to let you know I’m hard at work on HEAT, Book 1 of my new series THE STARK AFFAIR. It releases on October 22.

This one is going to be EXTRA HOT! I suggest oven mitts and fireproof panties when ordering.

Right on its heels will be Book 2 FLAME releasing on October 29 for 99 cents.

Here are some tasty tidbits:

  • Colton Stark, a chiseled blue-eyed billionaire who usually gets any girl he wants. (Think David Gandy. Yum.)
  • Sofia Martinez-Vallejos, tough Miami cop who is sent to find out why he is stealing money from his own company. Billionaire playboys do NOT impress her. (Think Michelle Rodriguez. Yum.)
  • Sofia is in a relationship with pretty but ditzy Kristy, but can’t help fantasizing about Colton Stark when she sees a picture of his eyes.
  • Colton’s life is controlled by others… by his company’s Board of Directors and by his devotion to a secret organization that prevents him from flipping his Bentley at 120mph in the Everglades out of sheer frustration.
  • When Sofia goes to Colton’s South Beach club Heat, he sees her from across the room. At that moment…
  • A burning flame SPARKS!

Get ready for some steamy and sultry HEAT!

In the meantime, TATTERED ANGEL releases as a prequel to THE CAGE SESSIONS on October 2. Then, THE CAGE SESSIONS BOX SET comes out on October 7.

Watch for THE STARK AFFAIR cover reveal soon!

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