Blaze: The Stark Affair Book 3 is now available


Book 3 of the 4-book series The Stark Affair

Is Colton Stark a criminal? What is the Talon Group? Can he be trusted?

These are Sofia’s questions as she continues to investigate the man who dominates her sexually in sessions of hot steamy delight.

Tensions mount in the Miami-Dade Police Department as Sofia also gets closer to discovering the identity of the rat. Her boss pressures her to turn up the heat on Colton with new disturbing evidence that makes Sofia cringe.

Torn between her duty as a cop and her ever-growing feelings for him, Sofia soon discovers the evidence she needs to put him away… but in doing so, she also finds Colton Stark’s hidden secret.

A secret that could end everything for both of them.

Mature content. 18+ only.

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