Capitol Submission: Book One is now available!


Book One of a new dirty filthy four-book series by Skylar Cross


I recognized you the moment our eyes met in the dark room with the velvet curtains at the club. 

By day, you’re in charge of the world. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. 

You’re in demand, responsible, and people depend on you. You’re good at what you do, and you know it. 

But I know your secret. 

Here in this dark room you can let go of all that. 

Here with me you are free. 

Free to feel the longings deep inside you. 

Free to be commanded, controlled, and driven to submission. 


Nobody will ever know. 

It’s our little secret. 

I won’t tell anyone how it turns you on when you submit to my natural ability to dominate, the dirty filthy words that excite you and cause you to breathe faster, and the little squeals of pleasure you make when I insist you obey me. 

It’s why you continue to meet me…despite your professional career, your upbringing, and your logical mind. 

Face it. 

You’re addicted to me. 

Now acknowledge me the way I taught you and follow my command. 

* * * 

Hotshot D.C. Attorney Terissa Ivers has two huge problems. 

First, her new client has uncovered information that may implicate the new, single, and very hot 37-year old President of the United States in the tragic assassination of the previous President and First Lady. 

Second, Terissa can’t stop herself from giving in to submissive encounters with a mysterious dirty-talking dominant man whose face she has never seen…a man with a dark secret and a very high position in the U.S. Government. 

Mature content. 18+ only.