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Indecent Cravings: Part Four is LIVE!


Part 4 of an “OVER-THE-TOP fetishistic wild ride of kinky romance laced with humor, mystery, and vibrant sexy characters that leap off the page!”
WARNING: This is NOT a story for prudes.
Jayd (formerly Abigail) is stunned at new revelations about Lukas Thorn, including a dangerous peek into his past. Once Lorena convinces her to see things differently, Jayd submits to her first week of “private training” at Lukas’ Key Biscayne mansion.
As she continues her search for Karissa, Jayd senses evil forces closing in. An event soon forces her to choose whether she will return to her upper-crusty college world in Boston or continue her hot steamy new life in Miami.
This is the one with: Lukas Thorn’s Biscayne Bay mansion, Cynthia the pelican, Ani-L the anal girl, Rylan’s first appearance in the white Testarossa, the Hyannis clambake, Santiago vs Rylan on the Rickenbacker, Lukas Thorn cooking while licking, the Senator’s speech, Chad’s proposal, Addison’s confession, Scarparelli ‘s challenge, Fiona at the LGBT center, Rory the over-confident champagne server, the flat tire, and Clarissa with Tippy the snake on TV.
Mature content. 18+ only. Book 4 of a multiple-part continuing series.
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