Indecent Cravings: Part Five is released!


Part 5 of an “OVER-THE-TOP fetishistic wild ride of kinky romance laced with humor, mystery, and vibrant sexy characters that leap off the page!”

Her heart trampled by the news she learned at the end of Part Four, Abigail falls into a dark lonely time. She cuts Lukas Thorn out of her life, abandons the new identity she created in Florida, and gives in to her family’s demands.

Drifting in a gray emotionless existence, her world is violently flipped upside down by three events in twenty-four hours that answer some questions while raising others. Abigail is suddenly yanked out of her troubled world into a scary but sexy adventure in a place she never thought she’d be… with a man she never thought she’d be with.

This is the one with: The First Lady of Corn, Abigail on the cliff, the Trowbridge family dinner in Concord, “all gray all the time”, stealing the minister’s car, talking to the moon in the Public Garden, the abandoned farmhouse, Elyse’s first appearance, a tour of the “White House”, the cornfield chase, and Zander’s fate.

Mature content. 18+ only. Part 5 of an ongoing continuing series.

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